Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CarMD BzzAgent Initial Opinion Report

Got my CarMD yesterday in the mail. I am not commenting on the actual product right now. However, I would like to say that the case should be bigger. It only holds the reader, but not the cables. Since I am one for losing cables it would be super if the case actually held them too. Then, not as important; I think the case should be a different color than black because black cases are harder to see when you are looking for them. Lastly, I know I got a discount on this product, a pretty good one too, but there is yet another service that they try and get you to buy once you set everything up. It is called the CarMD® Premium Vehicle Health Plan™ and it costs $29.85. I don't know fully what that entails, but initially I am put off by that. I will try and find out more information before my next post because for some reason I can't get back to that screen right now. This is just the beginning of this BzzAgent Campaign so I will have several more updates on this product, I am sure! I am a BzzAgent and I love it!

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