Thursday, March 1, 2012

Comforts for Baby Spill-Proof Cups I'm BzzAgent

I gave my sample of Comforts for Baby Spill-Proof Cups to my daughter's Girl Scout Troop Leader. She has two grand kids that she takes care of on a daily basis. She liked the idea of cups and began using them right away!

First I will talk about the negatives... The spill-Proof spout inside is VERY difficult to clean if it isn't washed right away! As care givers of children we don't always have time to wash the dishes right away, correct? Well, if these cups are not washed within the same day the valves can't be cleaned if they were used with milk. She has tried to clean them every possible way she can think of, but the valve won't come clean. So, she has one cup that still use but only with juice or water; and one cup that they can't use at all because the valve is still dirty.

Now the positives... She likes the fact that they have a “lid” that protects the spout when the kids are not drinking out of them. So, if the cup is dropped the spout stays clean! The cups are easy to drink out of and easy for the kids to hold!

So, her suggestion is to change the design of the valve; but other than that they really like the cups!

She was going to give me the valve to photograph, but she didn't get around to it.  I will try and add a picture later, but her daughter had to have open heart surgery a couple of days ago, so she is a bit stressed.  

I'm a BzzAgent! 

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