Sunday, January 6, 2013

Warning-Contents Under Pressure

You know those Thermos bottles with the straws for kids?  You push the button and the lid pops up?  We have the iCarly FUNtainer Bottle, the one shown below.  My youngest is 4 and this is her container I try to only put water in these types of bottles.  However, my husband will put any drink in any cup or bottle he can find. 
So, about two weeks ago (I'm pretty sure it was before Christmas), our wonderful daughter asked for milk and her daddy put it into her iCarly bottle.  Well, she lost it.  Has this ever happened to you?  As a little bit of an explanation, we were all sick with various things, some of us even had pneumonia.  Needless to say the drink bottle lay forgotten where ever it was.  Fast forward to last night when I found it in my daughter's room when I was putting her in bed.

I said something along the lines of "oh look what I found."  I shook it and it sounded like it was pretty much full and I asked her what was in it.  She said milk.  She remembered.  I didn't.  I gave my kids a kiss goodnight and I was standing there with the bottle in my hand.  For a reason I still don't know I pushed the button.  Can you guess what happened?

Rotten milk shot (yes shot) out of the straw into my face.  It went right into my eye (I was wearing my contacts still), my hair, my nose, and my shirt.  It was awful and hysterical!  The smell was horrific!  My kids just sat there with this shocked expression until I started laughing.  Then they laughed too.  I went blindly into the shower and scrubbed off, all the while laughing.  How absurd of a thing to happen?  The smell was terrible and I had to go back and spray room freshener several times before it finally went away.  But, you know what was good?  The milk only got on me.  How lucky was that?  Imagine if it had gotten on some of their toys or if the straw had been pointed in another direction?   

I had several other clumsy things happen yesterday, that I won't go into detail about.  Yesterday was just a clumsy day.  I don't usually have a very good sense of humor about my clumsiness.  I generally get frustrated and angry.  But, not yesterday I laughed.  When I told my husband about it I laughed and told him I wished we had gotten it on camera.  And as I am typing this I am still giggling.

So, by way of an amusing story comes a warning.  If you use bottles like that for drinks other than water be careful and use caution because there may be contents under pressure.  As for us?  A new house rule of only water in our FUNtainer Bottle.         


  1. Funny..well I guess not for you. If it would of happened to me I think I would have puked :)