Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy December!

I can't believe it is already December 1st!  Where has the year gone?  Confession: I have been listening to Christmas music for the last two weeks.  We have a local station that plays only Christmas music during the holidays, this year they started right after Halloween.  I think that might have been a bit early.  What do you think?

We got our tree yesterday, it's a tradition for us to get it the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We have a Whole Foods close to where we live and noticed they had trees, wreaths, and garland last week.  The price for a tree is $49.99 at our local store, but they are having a special and we got the tree, wreath, and garland for $59.99.  Usually we go someplace like Lowes, Home Depot, and even sometimes Walmart to get it.  We always go as a family to look at all the trees and pick one that meets everyone's idea of the perfect tree.  This year we did something a little different.  We picked a tree that was still wrapped up, so we had no idea how full it was or if there were any bare spots.  Adventurous and bold, if I do say so myself.  It turns out the tree is quite a bit more full than we usually have.

I put the lights on it last night and we decorated it today, it's always a family affair.  Then, when I tried moving it back towards the wall a little bit; it fell on me.  I guess our stand wasn't meant to have such a large tree in it.  My husband had to rush out to the living room to "save me."  It was pretty funny.  So my husband, genius that he is, decided to tie some twine onto the tree and anchor it, so hopefully it won't fall again.  We had to rehang several ornaments, but none were broken.

Another tradition that started when I was a child is that each person gets a new ornament at Christmas time.  This year I bought my kids' ornaments at Whole Foods also because they had pandas (that's my son's favorite animal.)  My daughters each picked out an ornament for me from Target when they were shopping with their dad.  My youngest got me the biggest ornament they had, a sparkly star.  And my oldest got me a glass balloon animal, it reminded her of Animal Crossing since I have all the balloon furniture.

Do you have any family traditions that you have been doing since you were a child?  Have you started any new ones?


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