Sunday, May 4, 2014

Neighbors-Movie Review

My husband and I got to see a prescreening of Neighbors, starring Zac Efron (Teddy) and Seth Rogan (Mac).  Have you heard of it?  It is a comedy about a couple that just bought their first house; they also have a new baby.  The whole family thing is new to them and it seems that the mom, played by Rose Byrne (Kelly), is really struggling as a stay at home mom.

The house next door to them is up for sale, the couple is hoping that a great family will buy it.  Unfortunately, it is bought by a FRAT.  You know what that means-parties, loud music, and lots of people.  Uhoh!  Initially the couple tries to befriend the frat boys so they can all be 'cool' and if (when) their parties get out of hand all the couple would need to do is ask their new friends to keep it down.  Well, that doesn't work out too well and essentially a war ensues between the two houses.

The frat's story is that there is a legacy of great parties and the invention of various party games (like beer pong) Teddy, president of the fraternity and Pete (Dave Franco), the vice president; along with the rest of the frat are on a mission to be put on the "wall"  Zac Efron's character takes this task VERY seriously.  He seems to struggle with life after frat since he and Pete are seniors.

Teddy and Kelly are having a difficult time accepting that their old lives are over.  We are led to believe that they partied pretty hard, did drugs, etc prior to the birth of their adorable daughter.  So they are in a battle of their own to accept their new fate as parents.  And lets face it, this is something that new parents deal with all of the time.  This couple go back and forth between wanting to party with the frat and needing the frat to keep the noise down.

For the most part the movie is laugh out loud funny.  The audience in the theater seemed to really enjoy it, which coincides with all the great reviews the movie is getting.  My husband went back and forth about liking the movie.  Don't get me wrong, he laughed during certain parts, but there were also other things in the movie that didn't sit right with him.

Here it is.  There is a part in the movie that Teddy and the other frat guys pull the air bags out of Kelly's car (shown in the red band trailer here) and hide them in different locations.  My husband didn't like the fact that Kelly or their daughter could have been injured.  The second thing that bothered my husband was Teddy's comment to Mac and Kelly about their daughter (I'm not going to say exactly as I don't want to spoil it.)  Lastly, the end; and I agree with my significant other on this point.

It just didn't fit.  They go forward four months (an odd period of time) to show how everything was working out.  Again,  I'm not going to give specifics; but with everything that all these people went through it just didn't make sense.  My alternate ending would have been for Mac to run into Pete somewhere and catch up on everything/everyone.

Do I think maybe my husband is overthinking the parts of the movie that I mentioned?  Maybe, after all it is just a comedy movie.  But, being a dad makes him look at things a bit differently than he used to.  Since we have a 16 year old daughter, an almost 9 year old son, and a 6 year old (in two days) daughter; he was thinking about that during the movie.  He believes that Teddy was made out to be a bad person and that Zac Efron wasn't comfortable with certain aspects of portraying the character.  I see where he is coming from.  What my husband particularly enjoyed was the relationship between Mac and Kelly, he thinks it was very believable.

So, what is my recommendation?  See the movie, it comes out on May 9th.  It is another over the top comedy brought to us by the same people that did This is the End, and it's laugh out loud funny.  Let me know what you think about it.  Do you agree with anything I've said here?


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