Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Food Should Taste Good Chips-Review

The wonderful people from Food Should Taste Good recently sent me four bags of their chips; in a variety of flavors.  They make 20 different tortilla chips; of those 11 are non-GMO; but Food Should Taste Good is in the process of getting all of their products non-GMO verified.  I know lots of people that are very happy about that, and I am one of them.  The flavors I received were Olive, Multigrain, Guacamole, and Chocolate.

The first ones I opened were the Chocolate flavor, mainly because my 6 year old loves chocolate and I was excited to see if she liked them.  She didn't.  In fact, I'm the only one that did.  I truly loved them and ate the bag myself.  They aren't instantly chocolate as soon as you put them in your mouth, the chocolate flavor comes towards the end of the bite.  I suspect the reason my daughter didn't care for them is that they weren't chocolatey enough.   My husband seems to think that chili would be a good companion for them, I will be trying that when I buy them.

Next I opened the Guacamole flavor.  They smell great, exactly like fresh guacamole, and initially I enjoyed the flavor.  However, there is a heat at the end that is a bit much for me.  If you don't mind the spice and like guacamole, then these are for you.

The Multigrain flavor is something we have had before and enjoy.  In fact it is one of our top picked flavors at the store.  The last flavor I opened was the Olive.  The only olives I like are black, so I was worried I wouldn't like these since they contain black, green, kalamata olives.  I don't hate the taste of them, but I don't love it either.  The black olives are over powered by the other two.  My husband, however likes all olives equally, so he enjoyed these.  

A favorite of my family are the Sweet Potato chips.  Since both of my daughters are really picky about eating vegetables, these are great!  Some other flavors I'm excited to try but haven't found locally yet are The Works!, Kettle Corn, and Cantina; plus one that I know my dad would like is Kimchi.  With so many different flavors there really is something for everyone.  

One thing that really stands out to me about Food Should Taste Good chips are the flavors and the fact that they are not overly salty.  I'm very sensitive to salt flavor and in my opinion most chips are overloaded on salt.  These chips have strong flavors with a perfect hint of salt.

Food Should Taste Good is also running a sweepstakes on Instagram.  Find information on that by clicking this link #FSTGSummerSweeps.  Good luck if you enter!  You can sign up for their newsletter, follow on Twitter, like on Facebook, follow on Instagram, and follow them Pinterest.  

Do you have a favorite flavor?  If you haven't tried Food Should Taste Good chips go buy some, you won't be sorry!    

I received these products free of charge in, all thoughts and opinions are mine (and my family's.)

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