Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dolphin Tale 2 Movie Review

About a week and a half ago my kids and I got the wonderful opportunity to see a prescreening of Dolphin Tale 2.  My 6 year old daughter, H, has been talking about us seeing it since she saw the trailer months ago.  The movie actually comes out on September 12, just three days after my birthday, and H was anticipating seeing it as a special birthday movie.  However, she is thrilled to have seen it almost a month early.

Let's go back a few years, to 2011, when the first Dolphin Tale movie came out.  H was only three at the time, but she fell in love with it.  She has a love for animals in general, but her love of dolphins can most likely be attributed to me; dolphins are my favorite animal.  (*see a throwback picture of me below from my senior year book*) We got her a pink stuffed Winter from Toys R Us and my husband bought the movie for H the day it was released.  She watched that movie everyday (sometimes more than once) for a while and it is still one of her top choices when picking a movie to watch.

In theaters September 12, 2014

So, both the Dolphin Tale movies are based on the true story of Winter, the dolphin, and her journey of survival.  I'm not sure how much of Dolphin Tale 2 is what actually happened vs. what was added to make it more exciting for movie goers.  Little baby Hope was rescued five years and one day after Winter was rescued, in the same part of Florida.  Their story together is actually towards the end of the movie, which surprised us, in fact my son mentioned it to the screening representative.  Because of this the movie seemed a bit slow to me.  It's not that the story wasn't compelling, or it lacked in action; I just anticipated we would be introduced to Hope much earlier.

The entire original cast came back for this sequel, which makes the movie more enjoyable.  You feel like you know them already, and you get to see more of their story.  The filming was done once again at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, and surrounding areas.  The movie is dramatic in what Winter happens with Winter and what she overcomes.  Comic relief is provided by Rufus, the pelican, as he walks around the facility and ends up as a guardian to an unlikely animal.  Make sure you stay around for the credits because you get to see the actual footage of rescues and releases that were recreated for the film.

H announced that she wanted to go see Winter in Florida before she goes back to school.  Wouldn't that be amazing?  Don't forget that the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is real and their mission is to "rescue, rehab, release."  If you aren't able to visit, you can still donate via their website.

My advice, go see this heartwarming Tale of survival, you won't be sorry.

I still haven't gotten to swim with the dolphins, hopefully someday.

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