Monday, January 19, 2015

Selective Mutism-Update

It's been a while since I wrote about my daughter's Selective Mutism, so I thought I would do an update.

I keep hoping that she will just start talking one day at school.  But, unfortunately, this has not been the case.  She talks to a boy that gets on the bus with her; he is also in her class.  She does not talk to him in class, only at the bus stop or on the bus.

There is still something stopping her from speaking at school.  She has gotten better when we are out, she will talk, even when people can overhear her.  This is an improvement.  She is also doing well in school.  The only grade that is below what it should be is Verbal Communication.  Obviously that is a problem.  Being that she is only in first grade, it won't keep her from passing.  Each year I get more worried about her failing due to the fact that she doesn't talk and therefore can't be assessed for certain things.

So, I am taking the advice of my son's best friends mom.  Currently I am trying to get her in to Developmental Pediatrics to begin what has been described as a VERY long process.  I know that the further my daughter goes in school the more important it will be for her to have an IEP or 504.  Selective Mutism is tricky because it has only recently been added to be covered under the DSM-IV and DSM-5 documentation by the American Psychiatric Association.  In fact, when we met with the Vice Principal and others last year I was told that Selective Mutism isn't covered and we can't get an IEP or 504, but I know that isn't true.

I think, as a family, we have improved also.  We no longer try to bribe her to talk or make her feel bad for it.  My daughter wants to go on the Ellen show, she always sees kids on there and wants to do it too.  I asked her "what would you do if they did call us and invite you to the show?  What would you do while you are on stage/television?" She said "let you talk for me."  If it was her "choice" to not talk she would undoubtedly choose to talk if she went on Ellen.

I'm still waiting on her first appointment to be made because, even though our insurance doesn't require a referral, her PCP has to make the initial appointment-and she is on vacation.  So, we are just on pause right now.  I expect our first appointment won't be until the summer, so if its earlier than that I will be happy.

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