Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fun Homemade Valentines

Valentine's Day is just about 10 days away.  Do you have kids that exchange valentines at school?  My two youngest kids are in elementary school, so they both exchange valentines with classmates.  We are required to give one to each kid.  I don't mind that. But, this year I'm pretty sure my son is going to give me a hard time with that.  You see, he and his best friend have been having some issues with one of their classmates.  Never the less, we will do a valentine for each child.

A few years ago we made these cute "Love Bug" valentines for my son's class.  This was before my youngest daughter was in school.

 I bought a 24 pack of mini canvass, a red ink pad, and black permanent marker.  We started by making the bugs with 2 thumb prints, we did that on all of the valentines and waited for them to dry.   Then we drew little antenna and faces on each bug.  Once that was dry my son wrote his name on each one.  They were a big hit!

Last year one of my friends posted a craft idea for heart shaped crayons that she was doing for her son's preschool class.  I loved it! You can see that here.  I went in search of molds that I could use to make my own.  I couldn't find anything like it, but got a chocolate silicone mold that was really pretty.  I just put broken crayons in various colors in each mold.  I heated them up in the microwave because of the fact that my mold was silicone.  I kept checking on them at minute increments.  I used tooth pick to pop any bubbles that came up.

I love the pattern!

This is what they look like at the back.

I added these crayons to goodie bags for both of my youngest kids'  classes since I didn't think they would stick to a valentine.

My question to you is.. Do you have a fun valentine idea?  Share with me, since I'm not sure what to do this year.


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