Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Disney Side Party Delay

Well, I was chosen to host a #DisneySide party back in February.  I was/am very excited about being picked.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do what I originally planned-which was a Valentine #DisneySide party for my youngest daughter's class.  Why? Because she got pneumonia and totally missed Valentine's Day at school because she was in the hospital.

We were both really bummed about not being able to host the party with her class, but her health is obviously far more important than anything.  So, we put it off because between snow days and her illness she was out of school for almost the entire month of February!  We debated about just doing a little party at home, but decided it would be much more fun to include her classmates.  We are trying to work out the details with her teacher.

We did, however, make our tie-dyed cake, due to a nut allergy in her class I couldn't have used it for our #DisneySide party anyway.  It turned out really well, and my kids loved how colorful it was.  You can check out the finished product on my Instagram.


I have a couple of additional sponsors for my party CrunchPak and Brothers-All-Natural, they were kind enough to send me either product coupons or actual items to help make my #DisneySide party more magical.  These companies will be included in my celebration, when we do have it.

I will be posting all about our party when it happens!

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