Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Product Review Samsill Speedy Spine Round Ring View Binder & Professional Pad Holder

Every year when my kids start school I get a supply list (three of them now.) My oldest is 17 and a rising senior now, I can't believe it!

 Over the years I have bought her tons of binders, 3 subject notebooks, 5 subject notebooks, and folders. She has been in varying gifted programs since she was in 3rd grade and that meant more specific supply lists than what I buy for my son and youngest daughter right now. I remember shopping for school supplies being much more exciting when I was growing up. I got to pick out the designs I wanted on my notebooks (usually 1 subject) and folders; plus, back then there was colored paper too!

 No one really makes fun 3 or 5 subject notebooks-the only thing you get to chose is the color. Binders are pretty much the same, but slightly different. There are certain binders that come with clear plastic on the front to allow you to place a sheet of paper identifying the binder-the binding also has this option. This allows for putting the class information, but also expressing your personality. 

The Samsill Speedy Spine Round Ring View Binder is a great example of one such binder. It is sturdy, easily opened/closed, and a "patented channel construction that allows for the easy drop-in" of inserts for customizations in seconds (in fact it's 5x faster.) I can't wait for my son to be able to use this binder this school year, when he is in 5th grade! He has trouble staying organized and gets frustrated easily with binders not opening and closing properly, so I know this Samsill Speedy Round Ring View Binder will been a great tool for him!

The other product I get to review is the Samsill Professional Pad Holder. This particular item is coming in handy for me because I have two part-time jobs, not including my blogging, and it is going to help me stay organized. I'm also using it to list the colleges that my oldest is interested in (scary!) This Samsill Professional Pad Holder features a document pad, business card holder, and document holder. It looks professional and businesslike, I feel great carrying it around no matter if I am at work or visiting colleges with my daughter.

You can purchase both of these and other Samsill products at

I received these items at no charge in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was received.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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