Friday, September 30, 2016

September is National Preparedness Month #GetReadyGetSafe #PrepStep

When my oldest daughter was little she was obsessed with this fire preparedness video tape (yes I said tape.)  She watched it over and over again.  In the video they talked about making an emergency escape plan, which is something we hadn't done.  My daughter made a point to talk to me about it and we made a plan together.  Thankfully, we didn't have any emergencies, but she felt more secure knowing what to do.

September is National Preparedness Month or PrepareATHON.  Are you prepared?  Do you have emergency rations like food, water, flashlights, etc... The thing is, you never know when an emergency is going to occur.  But, you can be prepared.

Just last week there were floods in my area due to several days of rain.  Last month our power went out for two days due to heavy rain and wind.  Having an emergency plan with supplies is crucial. Save the Children has some great tools for helping you plan.

Of course, there are many other types of emergencies and times we need to try and prepare for.  Save the Children has you covered, they have a fun PrepStep music video that will help your little ones learn what to do.

Not only that, but you can complete ICE cards for your children, for free.  These In Case of Emergency cards are great!  They have all of your child's information; along with a photo, allergies, and emergency contacts.  There is one for you to carry and one to give to your child.  Please, take the time to go to and make ICE cards for your kids, it will give your family piece of mind.  If you do make the card, leave a comment here letting me know.

This post is sponsored by Save the Children.  


  1. Thanks for this info! I made ICE cards for both girls and shared the link with my sister.

  2. I love the idea of giving kids an ICE card. They can keep one in their backpack while at school too. How cute is it that Save the Children is partnering with the movie Ice Age: Collision Course! Thank you for the suggestion. I will share with my friends too

  3. Thanks! Great idea to have these cards for the kids.

  4. LOVE this! It even includes allergies - which we know my kiddo has! Thanks!